Workplace air conditions

Workplace air conditions

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Lately, I have been observing high plus low air quality all the time. The last time I had a Heating plus A/C machine worker run a routine check on my heating plus cooling machine, he informed myself and others that my air quality was pretty terrible. He changed out the air filters, cleaned up the machine, plus taught myself and others how to maintain superior air quality in my residence. I noticed a difference instantly, plus now I’m noticing it pretty much everywhere. However, this isn’t always a nice thing! Last week, I was at a task interview in a tiny office with a bunch of interviewers crammed in. The heating machine was just rumbling in the background plus the air quality instantly began to disturb me. My throat grew super dry plus itchy, which is not ideal when you’re supposed to be talking plus answering questions for so long! I kept clearing my throat plus getting stuck on all of my words. I guess the interviewer thought this was because I was entirely nervous, however in reality, I just don’t react well to horrible air quality. This was terribly awkward because I didn’t think it was my place to comment on the air quality of this particular office, although I also knew I’d never survive working in these conditions! Finally, I ended up asking for a glass of water, which was my saving grace in terms of finishing up with the interview. I haven’t heard back yet, although I am thinking of suggesting they meet with my Heating plus A/C machine company if they do offer me this particular job position! I simply cannot work in a dry environment like that. I guess a humidifier would actually work extremely well in that locale! Needless to say, I was cheerful to get out of that stuffy office plus breathe in some fresh air.

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