We need to be friends now

We need to be friends now

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I live on a dead end road as well as everybody is friends with 1 another. Both of us get-together once a month at somebody’s house. Both of us have a big get-together as well as just prefer the day. Both of us have a new woman on the street that I was a bit unsure about. I was the host of the next get-together as well as I felt prefer I had to invite him. She is consistently dirty, drives a gross chance up truck as well as hardly says a word. But, I invited the woman as well as gave him a chance. I am so blissful that I did since she is super handy. The moment everyone arrived to our home our a/c just sputtered as well as quit on me. I tried deducing the cooling repair on our own as well as failed. I then was contemplating calling a Heating as well as Air Conditioning professional when the new woman saw me. She did not say a word, as well as just popped open our AC unit as well as went to work. It took him around an minute as well as she fixed our cooling system. The woman even had to make a special trip to the hardware store to get a new part for our cooling unit. The new woman is a licensed Heating as well as Air Conditioning contactor as well as did the AC repair for free. How nice is that? I have decided that I am going to be best friends with this woman. She is awkward, shy as well as in need of a friend. I have endless Heating as well as Air Conditioning problems coming up. Both of us both could get something out of this arrangement. That explains why she is consistently covered in debris too.

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