We just need some good cooling

We just need some good cooling

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My whole life has been devoted to animals and their care. I enjoy taking care of then, and watching them flourish with the love that they receive. I’ve also always had a ton of plants my living spaces. I find any living thing extremely therapeutic,  no matter if it’s a dog or an African violet. When I was younger, I especially enjoyed keeping fish tanks running. I always liked watching the fish swimming happily and fluttering their fins in their specialized environment. I decided I wanted to set up another aquarium last year.  I should have put a lot more thought into the location of the aquarium set up. I ended up installing the tank in our sunroom. I didn’t consider the fluctuating air temperatures in that space. The room is linked to the central Heating and cooling system, even though I don’t believe the air flow is sufficient to moderate the indoor air temperature year round. During the Summer, the room often becomes overly  hot and humid. The sun streams in through tons of windows on every side to add heat to the problem. In the winter, the night time temperature often drop below forty. The space is impossible to keep warm enough, even with a space heater running constantly. This is a serious concern for my fish because their water reacts temperature to the air temperature around it. When the room heats up to 90 degrees, my fish are swimming in tropical waters.  When the air temperature drops in the winter, the fish are basically swimming in the arctic circle. I lost all of my fish. I now need to try the aquarium set up again, in a different location. I am checking the stability of air temperature in various rooms. This is also providing new insight into how well my heating and cooling system is operating.

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