Want to install the thermostat

Want to install the thermostat

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If you have ever come to work to find out you have a new boss, then you understand the maelstrom that could occur.  Right now, my department is in the process of transitioning from one executive supervisor to another. For the first month, we have both supervisors on the floor, at the same time.  I guess the outgoing supervisor is going to get the new supervisor up to date on whatever has been happening, before he takes his new position. I can feel the chaos that is occuring around me, and a part of me wants to help the new supervisor.  They are so different, and I know they are warring with each other. One wants it hot and the other wants it cool. One saves everything, and the other wants to throw it all out. One sits and lets everyone else do the work, while the new guy pitches in and helps.  I appreciate this in the new supervisor, but the up and downs of the thermostat, are driving us all crazy. I am waiting for the thermostat to quit working, or for there to be damage done to the HVAC system. Whatever happens, I know that it is never going to be the same temperature when we come in.  I also know who is in the office by whether it is warm or cool. I like the new supervisor better, however, because I also like the lower temperatures on the thermostat. I really mind it when there is too much heating. I think it could be my age, but it is probably just something I have become used to while trying to save money on my energy bills.

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