Want to handle the whole thermostat

Want to handle the whole thermostat

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When I got home from work the other afternoon, I was surprised that my wife wasn’t home yet. Finally, I got a call from her as she told me she was at the hospital! I promptly asked her what was going on, as she said she wasn’t feeling well. She was complaining because she said it was absolutely frigid in the hospital! She said she kept asking them to adjust the thermostat, but it seemed nobody would listen to her. They told her it was against policy to turn up the heating system, and that seemed right to me. I already knew it made sense because most hospitals try to prevent the spread of germs and keep the place extremely frigid and sterile. I tried to explain to her that she was going to have to ask them for a blanket or two, as they undoubtedly weren’t going to violate the policy by cranking up the heating system just for her! She said she couldn’t wait to get out of there, as she ended up just getting prescription meds for her sickness. She was discharged shortly after that, and she was very thankful to come back to the comfort of our own home’s heating system! She even went to the thermostat to crank up the heat a little more than usual, just to really soak it in. By that time, I felt like it was a little too warm in our own household! Still, she was comfortable for the first time in days, so I just let her have her way with the thermostat at the moment. I didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable here, as she was already feeling under the weather. I was just ecstatic because I knew she was going to be okay!

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