Want to deliver mail in peace

Want to deliver mail in peace

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I have been a mailman for 15 years plus I must say that I have enjoyed our job. The pay is pretty nice as are the benefits. It is genuinely pretty nice to drive around neighborhood plus deliver mail most of the time. I am a people lady too, plus whenever I get the chance, I interact with the people on our route plus treat them as politely plus kindly as possible. They are the reason I have a job, after all. For all of these reasons I have thoroughly enjoyed being a mailman, however there is one  thing that properly poses a problem. As you might expect, that thing is the weather. As they say, rain, sleet, snow, or shine, us mailmen have to be out there delivering the mail. This can be pretty taxing at times. I make sure that the vehicle that I drive around in has the best possible climate control system. It needs to work extra taxing considering the fact that the door is pretty much regularly open as I deliver mail. Those tepid plus covered in sweat Summer afternoons when I am delivering mail can be quite tough. I am thankful for our A/C program during those times. As rough as the summers are though, the winters are worse. It does snow on chance around here plus the temperature can often get well below chilly during the winter. I crank our heating program in the vehicle as much as I possibly can to combat the cold; Occasionally, I absolutely envy people who have afternoon jobs in an office that is climate controlled. They absolutely have it great; greater than they realize.

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