Want a good HVAC filter

Want a good HVAC filter

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Recently, my hubby was going completely crazy when the Heating plus A/C machine died. I mean it could have been substantially worse, it could have happened in the Winter season. But every one of us were in the Springtime plus the temperature was great. Honestly, I couldn’t actually think of a better time for the Heating plus A/C machine to fail so I didn’t see what the sizable fuss was about. He kept saying that every one of us should have used better air filters in the Heating plus A/C machine, plus it definitely wouldn’t have broke down. He kept going on about how HEPA air filters are the best ones to use in your HVAC machine, but he thought he might save some cash with some cheaper air filters. I was thinking that the air filters didn’t have much to do with the Heating plus A/C machine really breaking down, but he seemed to be certain of it. He was saying that the dust that gets through the cheap air filters could easily destroy the inner workings of the Heating plus A/C machine. I supposed he might be right, but figured there were other important factors in the equation as well. I’m sure the Heating plus A/C machine needed an official tune-up plus perhaps there were some worn parts on top of that. If that were the case, the breakdown of the HVAC machine was really inevitable. It was funny, as soon as every one of us had our Heating plus A/C machine repaired plus working back to full capacity, my hubby bought an immense pack of HEPA air filters. He entirely intended to prove that HEPA air filters would make the HVAC machine last a lot longer. They definitely improved the air quality.

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