trying to remove odors in the air quality

My partner Ruth loves to make food, but she is horrible at it. Rugh frequently burns the thing that she is making. 1 time a day the smoke alarm starts blaring and grey smoke flows through the house. What sucks is that all of us have a main Heating as well as A/C. The air duct is right above the oven. Right when Ruth burns the food, the smoke goes up in the air duct and moves throughout the house. Due to our Heating as well as A/C, the whole home gets the stinky stink and grey smoke. The total home will stink like gross food. If all of us had ductless Heating as well as A/C this would not go on. The odor would stay in the room because there are no air ducts connected. I am kind of thinking about sealing off the kitchen air duct. I then would install a mini air cooling system and furnace in the kitchens. My girlfriend Ruth could control the heating and cooling in just the kitchen. It would not deal with the rest of the home’s temperature. And real importantly, the stink would just stay in the kitchen. The heater and cooling would still provide ventilation for the stink as well. If it got real horrible, I could get her an UV air purifier to go with the ductless Heating as well as A/C. The air purification device could remove the stinks in the air quality the moment it starts fuming.

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