The gross smells in our a/c

The gross smells in our a/c

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My partner and I have more than three beautiful children, plus a single of the hardest things for me to take in is how fast they grow up, and i can’t wrap my head how suddenly time has flown, but I am so thankful for the lovely guys plus lady that our children have grown into, but one of the most taxing days in our life was the day when our youngest got his driver’s license. I couldn’t guess that our baby was driving! It actually hit me a couple days later when he bought his first car, then he had saved up his own money plus paid money for his little car. I was so proud happy for him. One thing that will never change is how much I love to help our children no matter how outdated they are, that car my youngest child had obtained is a lemon for sure, plus it doesn’t have any air conditioning. The summer seasons where we live are unquestionably hot, so I knew that both of us would have to do something about John’s car, but my partner plus I had long conversations about giving John some money to go towards buying him a nicer car with air conditioning, however John was too attached to his little lemon of a car already, but we eventually ended up just letting John guess that anytime he wanted to take our car while in the warm summer season weeks he was totally welcome. I am actually surprised that he hasn’t taken our car even once this summer season, and it is the middle of June. He would rather take his car without air conditioning simply because it’s his, but children grow up so suddenly, however it is so beautiful to watch them mature. In my eyes, this is so true with John plus his car without any proper AC.

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