The gross cooling unit in our hotel

The gross cooling unit in our hotel

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While I was traveling this past summer, I had decided to stop off and get some rest for the night but I ended up stopping in this small little area in the middle of nowhere! There was this small hotel that was cheap, so I checked in there; When I got into the room is was so muggy and yucky in there, and the air conditioning was not even on, but so I went to the thermostat on the wall to switch it on. When I switched on the air conditioning through the thermostat on the wall, all this dust and dirt flew out of the air vents into the air! It was the grossest thing I ever seen! How can a so called hotel have an a/c or even a heating system that is so filthy that it blows out dirt and dust! It is like the air filter either did not exist or has not been changed in over six years! I called down to the front desk and told them what just had happened when I went to the thermostat on the wall and turned on the a/c. The desk guy did not seem to care at all, so I got so mad that I took my bags, got out of that place and demanded a refund because of the unhealthy conditions the hotel was in. Air conditioning is so really important during the summer time months, and it is even more important to have the air conditioner vents cleaned and air filters changed very often, unlike this little cheapo hotel in the middle of nowhere!

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