Super cold day

Super cold day

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     I cannot think why I married this man, I entirely can’t. Sure, every we get along well enough in addition to he treats me pretty well most of the time, despite the fact that he endlessly drives me wild as a personal interest. Months ago, he thought it would be funny to hide fake lizards around the modern home, then warn me that global warming was entirely messing with our critter evolution. Several days ago he was turning off the tepid water while I was in the shower ,after I told him that I could be a freezing ass bitch!

                 Now, he’s endlessly mocking me with all of these fake birthday gifts. He pretends to have a huge surprise worked out for me, then he crushes me with the truth. The most startling one was when he told me that he knew I had been freezing all Winter long. He said he understood that I had awful circulation issues and felt chilled to the bone even when the furnace was running. He agreed that a forced air central furnace was not good enough, and that I would like more direct and consistent heat in the morning, right when my toes touched the floors…

              With that statement I screeched with delight, thinking that he had purchased and installed radiant radiant floors for us… For years I had been begging for radiant floors, just in our bedroom to warm up the floors, at least. As I swooned, thinking our heating dreams had come true, he pulled a heating pad out from behind his back and threw it on the floor. Voila! DIY radiant radiant floors, he shouted.


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