Simply not capable

Simply not capable

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I’ve been going through a bit of a rough patch in recent times. While I have a task I easily prefer plus relaxing people in my life, I am struggling to make ends meet financially. With all of my bills plus extravagant expenses, I simply cannot afford to save much money. It feels sort of like I am constantly living paycheck to paycheck, plus it’s starting to get entirely old. Up until this point, I have managed to stay afloat, but it hasn’t been a very easy task! That’s why it was the icing on the cake when my heating plus cooling machine stopped working on me a few weeks ago. Lucky for me, it hasn’t been too cold yet. The weather outside has hovered in the fifties for the most part. However, the cold weather is coming especially soon plus I don’t want to be stuck without heat in my residence. My concern is that I cannot afford the job that needs to be done on the furnace. I called a Heating & A/C technician for a consult, plus even with all the discounts he could come up with, I am still unable to afford the services. I still have a relaxing 3 weeks before I need to worry about the nippy weather. I’ve set up a budget to ensure that I am able to set aside enough money to make the repairs when the time comes. I already scheduled the appointment with the Heating & A/C dealer. He said he doesn’t usually make appointments for repairs so far in advance because most people don’t like to wait so long. Even though I would truly love to have the luxury of doing that, I am simply unable to pay for it at this time. All I can do is keep working as much as I can to try to get out of this financial bind I’m in.

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