Not using the a/c right

Not using the a/c right

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         A few mornings ago, there was a guy who came to the door and was talking to my wife. She was there for about five minutes with the door open so the a/c was getting out of the house! I yelled for her to shut the door because it was getting warm in the cabin and she was wasting energy. She then told me to come over to the door; I saw that this guy was trying to sell us something, and he got into the sales pitch with me. I had to cut him off right away.

                 I said, “Look my friend, unless you want to pay for my energy loss by keeping this door open, I recommend you be on your way; we aren’t interested in what you have to sell!” His eyes widened as he became scared, thanked me for my time and almost tripped hurrying off the porch. I then shut the door and was thankful that the a/c was no longer escaping through the front door. I told my wife that was how you handle these people who are trying to sell some useless garbage. I told her we needed a sign on our door that said “No Soliciting”. She agreed that would be for the best and we would absolutely have to do that.

                I’m entirely intolerant when it comes to wasting energy especially the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system! The Heating, Ventilation, and A/C plan uses the most energy out of every appliance in the household. No way am I going to sit and talk with somebody at the door while wasting so much energy!

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