Needed a/c at the concert

Needed a/c at the concert

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Anytime I find an outdoor concert, I really think poor this van. The outdoor concert seemed to be horrible and there is absolutely no type of AC. All of the people have beer saturated bodies that are merely pressed together. Most of us are usually warm to a great point where there is some sweat dripping in the back. I believe even some conditions has the band for them to be worse. The van is consistently on a stage with high heavy iridescent lights in addition to they seem to be moving around all of the times. After some shows, the rock band is immediately covered in a huge amount of sweat. For a single night, they probably shouldn’t wear any type of heavy Parker’s on the estate. Long shirts in addition to a nice pair of pants certainly look great, but there isn’t much other than a lot of warm sunshine and no other AC. The Locale could easily arrange a back area with some nice cooling equipment that would give the band a moment or two for a break. That type of outdoor wedding could be great in the chilly temperatures that would be outdoors. I always pay more to go to a band place where there is going to be a little portion of AC that will help us be cool in addition to not pass out at all. A lot of people would like to see some portable AC components around the band Eric band areas. This could actually help out with a lot of outdoor concert problems.

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