Losing out on the heating

Losing out on the heating

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I am convinced that I will bring chilly weather with me, no matter where I go, there is no sunshine. I can suck the tepid weather out of any location. I stayed up in the north until July. The weather really stunk then. Both of us got record cold temps and tons of rain. I then decided to getaway down south for a few weeks to find some more tepid summer time weather. As soon as I left, the north got record splitting heat. My hometown was totally freaking out about how overly tepid it was. All the local stores sold out of every cooling system then. There was literally an A/C shortage due to the heat there. I got to hear about it from our parents how sweltering it was and that air cooling was scarce as gold. In the deep south, it was considered a single of the worst summers ever, and people were shocked by the intense chill and the fact that it rained all afternoon everyday. I wanted to go to the beach. No, the rain and chilly stopped myself and others the entire summer. The moment that I left, the sun came out and people turned their cooling systems on for the first time. I am now staying back up north and it is bitterly chilly since it is fall. People are saying I am just unlucky. I think I am similar to a Harry Potter teacher. I take the sun and bring in the chill. I should just get used to wearing heavy sweaters and long pants. Apparently that is the only weather I am allowed to experience any longer! Going to the beach is overrated anyway right?

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