IAQ at the doc’s office

IAQ at the doc’s office

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My spouse plus I took over a very busy doctors practice. The doctor had to retire quickly, when she had a stroke at 58. I actually was already laboring in the building, plus my spouse plus I were looking to immediately start our own practice. The busy practice was well-established, with at least a significant patient load. I kept all of the staff, except an annoying doctor plus an extremely ill-equipped Medical director. My spouse took over in the medical billing office. She apparently had to spend numerous weeks going through all of the accounts payable plus accounts receivable, before she was able to reconcile the balance sheet. She quickly found various billing errors, including a $6,000 discrepancy for some massive medical machine plus supplies. One of those things was a particularly pricey $3,000 air filtration unit. The previous owner signed for the whole overpriced air filtration unit, however the people I was with and I never purposely acquired the machine. My spouse called the medical supply business plus told them about the underlying problem. Since the previous owner sign for the air filtration unit, they even refused to look into the concern further. My spouse told them the people I was with and I would certainly not honor the debt, unless they could actually prove the people I was with and I were using the air filtration unit. The brand new medical supply business continued to harass us for 3 months, hoping the dedicated people I was with and I would pay the air filtration debt.  They finally provided up the money plus stopped calling the office.

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