HVAC zone control sham

HVAC zone control sham

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When my wife and I bought our home, we got an amazing deal.  I think the cost of the house was more in the barn they had, instead of the home itself.  I couldn’t believe what we found out after we moved in. We thought there was Zone Control in the house, because there was a thermostat in every room.  We were thinking that she would be more than comfortable in the room she chose for her home office. It looked like we had heating and air conditioning and she would be able to set the temperature to her own liking.  We must have been in the house a month before we realized how wrong we were. She was working in her office one day, and she set the thermostat for sixty-eight, hoping to get it a bit cooler than the rest of the house.  I always thought that if we kept the house thermostat at seventy or seventy-two, we would save money on the energy bill, during the summer. Unfortunately, when she adjusted the thermostat, nothing happened. She thought it was odd.  We had all of the thermostats in the house set higher than the main living area. The entire house had the same temperature reading. Apparently, they had put in the thermostats, but they were never hooked up to anything. I don’t know if it was oversight, or they ran out of money.  Either way, it seemed kind of dumb to us. We are both a bit bummed about not having Zone Control, but the HVAC company says it will be easy to hook up the thermostat. It really isn’t too expensive, but it is the idea that we thought we already had Zone Control.

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