HVAC control in the restaurant

HVAC control in the restaurant

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I may have gotten way too carried away with my recommendation of this certain eatery I like to frequent every now and then, and I felt embarrassed when my friends agreed to come eat at this site and the air quality was terrible! Honestly, usually their air quality is fantastic and the temperature control settings are perfect, well this wasn’t the case this time around when all my friends were there to mock me about even recommending such a place. I told them to just wait until the food came out! So while we were covered in sweat it out as the climate control system seemed to be on the fritz, everybody was already talking trash the entire time. I asked about the climate control system and we were told that an HVAC system worker was on the way to take care of it, other than that, there was nothing that could be done… They did say we could eat at a table outside on the patio, but we was too hot outside. It was undoubtedly worse outside than it was inside at this moment, but not by much. I said to my friends, at least they were on top of getting the situation taken care of with an HVAC worker on the way. Everybody had to agree to that, and both of us got our food around the same time we saw the HVAC worker come into the eatery. It only took about ten minutes when the cooling air came flowing from the air vents. This was fantastic because the air quality went back to being good, and nobody could talk trash anymore. Everybody really loved their food too.

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