Great shape with our HVAC component

Great shape with our HVAC component

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Have you ever had 1 of those perfect afternoons where everything seems to be going great? I’m a single mom, working full shifts and somehow still manage to balance a full course load working on my MPA degree. As you might imagine, the types of afternoons where everything goes exactly the way it needs to are very few and far between. Imagine pretty much everyone in the house is getting ready on time, the university vehicle pool line flowing smooth and efficiently, hitting all green lights on the way to work and getting settled for a work day with pop that is still room temp. My friends, this is the kind of day I’m talking about!

It had never occurred to myself and others that the shoe was going to drop on this outstanding day right at the end, then did I mention that the grocery store had a buy one get one sale on rotisserie chickens, so I was off the hook for dinnertime chores? Yes, it truly was that kind of day. The thing that caught myself and others by surprise came after dinner. It was in the form of a easily slow rising in my house temperature. The cooling seemed to be fading and the heat seemed to be rising. I just shrugged it off as the living room tends toboilingthe house at meal time. By the time the littles were all getting ready for bed, I was practically perspiring.

I worked on on the temperature controls and it was pushing 85 degrees, however no wonder I was perspiring! I went out to my garage to take a look at my air handler. Since I have zero skills when it comes to performing Heating and Air Conditioning service, a/c and basically anything that has to do with either heating or cooling, everything looked just fine. I decided to troubleshoot the situation and pulled out my Heating and Air Conditioning system manual. Turns out that my air handler drain was badly congested and the repair would be to call a Heating and Air Conditioning specialist to clear the lines

All in all, one boiling night was actually not enough to spoil one most excellent day.

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