Getting the furnace checked up

Getting the furnace checked up

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Do you sometimes think you’re forgetting something? Have you ever lost your car keys or misplaced your phone when you just had them a few minutes before? Have you ever headed into a room, then immediately forgot why you went there? We are all familiar with these aggravating mental lapses once in a while.  Normally, the consequences are not all that bad. I usually end up finding my car keys or phone in a logical place that makes me slap our forehead and feel like an idiot. Oftentimes, after a bit of thinking, I remember what I was looking for in a certain room. Other times, my forgetfulness can be more of a problem. Last September, I had professional maintenance performed on my heating system prior to the arrival of the Winter weather.  I am good about hiring an HVAC company every year to ensure that my furnace continues to operate as efficiently and dependably as possible. I make sure the system is ready to handle the worst Winter weather. I am quite proud of myself for taking these precautionary measures. The service that I provide for my Heating system pays off. However, towards the end of this past winter, I began to notice a few complications with my heating system. It seemed to be straining to reach the temperature setting, and not supplying all that much heat. I was frustrated by this, because I knew I had done everything that I could prevent a malfunction. Or at least, I was sure I had.Then I remembered that  I had neglected the one service for the furnace that I’m capable of doing on my own. Throughout the entirety of the winter, I’d forgotten to replace the air filter in my heating system.

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