Getting the best possible HVAC care

Getting the best possible HVAC care

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My cousin likes to boast about his knowledge of standard home improvement projects. He has gotten to the point where he calls himself an expert on standard plumbing and HVAC equipment, even though he has no official knowledge on the subject. He does have a very big ego though, to the point where he was convinced he could help me install my new HVAC equipment. I had gotten a ductless mini-split system. My home was a small two-bedroom with a large and centralized living room. My HVAC technician had told me if I had such a system stationed in my living room, it would easily influence the temperature of the rest of the house. My cousin immediately offered up his services for the installation. Purely to save money, I decided to give it a shot. We set to work the next day, and everything seemed to be going well, but my cousin liked to cut corners whenever he could. I had a strange feeling about the way we had installed the wiring, but I didn’t say anything while we worked. He did know more than me, after all. Sure enough, there was a problem with the wiring. After we connected the indoor pieces to the outdoor equipment, my cousin said it was time to test out the system. His error resulted in him electrocuting himself when he got too close to the indoor wires. He actually jumped so high that he reminded me of a cartoon character. I decided it was time to call my usual HVAC technician, who arrived about thirty minutes later. When he heard my cousin’s story, he laughed heartily, explaining that that was why it was best to trust a technician for such things. Professionals don’t hurt themselves during a basic installation process.

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