Getting a new HVAC filter

Getting a new HVAC filter

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My son was finally in college and on his own.  He seemed to be making it all right, but I knew that sooner or later, he would be calling us for help.  I was surprised at how well he was doing, so far. This was the first time he had ever been away from home and totally responsible for himself.  He seemed so self-assured and confident that I didn’t want to hound him and find out if he was doing all right. He had a job, and he seemed to be dealing well with his life.  I got a phone call one night about the HVAC system. He said that it wasn’t giving the heating he thought he should be getting. I asked him if he had changed the air filters lately.  He seemed to be stunned when I said that and then he had admitted that he hadn’t even thought about the air filter. He changed it shortly after moving into his apartment, and he said the air filter was clean.  I told him that it didn’t take long for the air filter to become clogged. I asked if he had any air filters on hand and he said he didn’t. His mother and I picked up a box of air filters and headed over to his apartment.  That was when we realized how much he was struggling. The air quality was lacking due to the air filters not being changed. She was struggling just to keep up with the rent of the apartment and the other bills. I told her that we would help out if she needed it, but in repay, she had to keep up with her studying and get good grades.

HVAC filter

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