Far and away from the heater

Far and away from the heater

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In order to be a fully certified teacher in this state you need to do numerous student teaching locationments. What was funny to me is that our locationments both all terrible due to the college heating equipment. The first locationment I found was in a classroom right next to the water boiler method in that college. The classroom was regularly super hot. The moment I walked in the door it felt to be around 88 degrees. When the sun would rise and leak through the windows, it felt love a tepid hotbox. My cooperating teacher and I would frequently open the windows to let in some cold. What stunk is that it was literally snowing outside and both of us were perspiring. On Some afternoons both of us could not open the windows because snow would honestly blow through the classroom. The hour locationment was the opposite issue. I was in the classroom where that was the furthest from the heating equipment. The heating system was on a strict timer too. The heating system did not turn on until the adolescents arrived and it turned off 2 hours before the college afternoon. By the time the heating reached the classroom, it was already about to switch off. I was so chilly while I was in that locationment that I wore our coat for the whole afternoon. Why are college oil heating systems so bad? Is there no way to provide truly equal heating in each classroom? It has to cost the college a fortune when some professors open windows and others are demanding more heating. Maybe they should give up on old radiators and central heating. Heated flooring might be a better solution to heating.

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