Fall heating maintenance

Fall heating maintenance

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Fall is definitely the season of the year that I enjoy most. The leaves are falling, and the weather is nice and moderately cool, but occasionally Fall can throw people for a curve towards the end when the temperatures definitely start to drop. People find that their oil furnaces that were functioning fine, just start to display all sorts of problems as soon as it is asked to heat more frequently, however i don’t know the reason for this, but it happened to me last year just as the weather was getting a lot colder… What’s worse is that during the start of Winter, the phones at the HVAC providers ring off the hook. People who have put off getting their heating fixed until really necessary swarm onto the phone lines. In some climates, it can take weeks for an HVAC specialist to come out to your house plus make the necessary repairs to your heater. Last year it was especially frustrating for me, but after hours of waiting on the phone plus being passed from department to department within the HVAC business, I finally got an appointment with a specialist 2 weeks out, then, after meeting with the HVAC specialist to have our oil furnace repairs done, he informs me that I need a current heater. The cost of a oil furnace replacement is not cheap, plus it would be another couple weeks until the current oil furnace install could be performed. At this point in the Winter it was mid-January, plus after a cost-benefit analysis I ended up getting a spare heater for the time being. I decided to get it fixed the following September. That way, we were able to get our full service done in just one day, plus we even got a discount.

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