Dog loses hair

Dog loses hair

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The other afternoon when I came back to my residence, I was entirely stunned to see a bunch of puppies in the residence! There were puppy pads all over the locale & it was basically a nightmare to see all this in my residence. When I asked where all these puppies came from, my wife explained that these people were giving them away & she couldn’t resist but take them all. Then she said the person honestly appreciated that they would be going to a fantastic residence & would not be separated. There were 3 puppies in total, 3 pets in our residence! While I had to admit, they were super cute pets, I didn’t want to have to deal with the mess they would make in the residence. I also didn’t care about the idea of having all these pets as they would honestly destroy the air quality! There was no way our Heating & Air Conditioning machine could keep up with all this pet fur! With this many pets inside our residence, I would imagine that the air filter would clog up in a few weeks! It would be incredibly extravagant to have to change the air filters more often, & I would be really worried that the HVAC duct would be filled with pet fur in a short amount of time. This would mean that the group of us would have to get our HVAC duct cleaned out way more frequently as well. I honestly had to put my foot down on this situation. I knew our kids were already becoming attached though, so I said that they could pick just a single dog! I felt I could undoubtedly deal with the one dog, but there’s no way I could handle 3 dogs in our residence!


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