Did not like how much a/c he used

Did not like how much a/c he used

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I never realized how much you could love someone and yet be able to live with them.  I think moving in with someone can be the quickest way to destroy a relationship. It was how I found out how incompatible my boyfriend and I were.  We got along so well as long as we weren’t under the same roof. We spent many nights together, but we knew we could go back to our own homes whenever we wanted to.  We only lived together for about six months and we decided it just wasn’t meant to be. My ex-boyfriend thought he should rule the thermostat in our apartment. We went into this in early summer and we broke up shortly after Christmas.  I was afraid of dying of hypothermia. When the temperatures reached over eighty, our thermostat was lowered to sixty. The air conditioning was running all of the time, and I had to wear a sweatshirt in the middle of summer. One time he came home early, I had the thermostat up to seventy, and he was furious.  He couldn’t believe that I want it to be so hot in the house. I knew then that I was in trouble. I was afraid to stick around as long as I did. He never allowed me to change the thermostat, and he would treat me like a child if I did. If he kept the thermostat so low in the winter, I was afraid, it would be my demise.  I didn’t like winter all that much anyways. I needed to feel the heating from the furnace without fear of being chastised.

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