Climate control is key

Climate control is key

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Lately, I have been certainly working on my cardio a lot more. I’m consistently out there here morning jogging around the city! I never realized how many of our neighbors are out there walking their pets every afternoon too! I get to say hey to my neighbors often now and they see me certainly working up a sweat. I really like to run in the afternoon hours because it’s not so freaking tepid outside, even though I still get overheated because of my workout. I’m glad that I have a smart thermostat in our home, because right before I’m about to get back to my household, I make sure to turn up the cooling system a little bit so that it will be nice and cool when I walk through the front door! There’s nothing like that cooling breeze from the air conditioner vents when I get back in our site. I then make sure to take a wonderful shower and after that I get ready to go to work. I already have our smart thermostat set for our workdays to go on minimal settings when I am away. It also knows to turn back on to our favorite settings when I am on our way back home. If there are any changes in our schedule, I can easily change up the temperature control settings on the fly! I certainly must say, that smart thermostat has worked wonders in my life and has saved me so much money! I really don’t know what I would do without that nifty little gadget! In my opinion, everybody should have a smart thermostat!

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