Busted down heater and a/c

Busted down heater and a/c

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    I don’t know what it is about our core group of friends, but I believe we’re connected by the same cosmic energy. If one person feels down  and unmotivated, it’s guaranteed that we’re all feeling that way. If one member has a great week, all of us all feel wonderful. Unfortunately, if one of us is struck with bad luck, it’s almost a certainty that we’re all going to experience the same misfortune; That’s why I ,shouldn’t have been surprised last month, when one by one, all of us reported having a slight variation on the same general problem; our Heating & Air Conditioning systems.

                It started when our friend Jean told me that her entire heating plan wouldn’t turn on one afternoon because their heat had still not yet been switched over. She was chilly, but they made it through the mild Winter season mornings. Next, my nice friend in Texas told me that her car’s furnace stopped working one afternoon, so she had to drive to work in the freezing outdoor air. It was maybe several mornings later that my nice pal Johnny, told us that his own radiator had malfunctioned at his apartment! He was without heat while we were in a freezing snap of midwest Winter season, and had to set up several space gas furnaces to keep his cats alive that weekend.

               It should have come as no surprise to me when I woke up the other day and our whole apartment was freezing cold. I could see my breath as I exclaimed loud dissatisfaction. Sure enough, when I walked down the passage to the thermostat, the central heating plan had powered off at least 12 hours previously.

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