Bad heating and air in the hardware store

I used to task at a small family-owned hardware store.  The task was easy and I liked the hours. My only complaint with the task was the temperature control.  The store was located in a unquestionably aged brick building on Main Street and was equipped with an outdated gas furnace.  Every time the furnace started up, it made a tremendous amount of noise and blew a ton of dust into the air. It often gave myself and others a vicious headache, and I was constantly coughing and sneezing.  Plus, the shelves of the store were constantly in need of cleaning because of the furnace. The furnace didn’t even manage to keep the store perfectly comfortable. It would blast overheated air steadily until it achieved the temperature control setting and then shut off entirely.  The temperature swings were severely unpleasant. There were also freezing spots in particular aisles and freezing drafts coming in around the windows. Every time a buyer arrived, the influx of freezing outside air would cause the furnace to beginning up again. I was, however, thankful to have a entirely working furnace.  The store was not outfitted with any type of cooling system. I needed to rely on electric fans for cooling. Portable fans were not sufficient to keep up with outside temperatures in the high eighties and brutal humidity. They simply blew the dust around and created more cleaning for myself and others to do. The store was properly overheated and sticky during the summer.  Whenever the door opened, I had to worry about pollen, dust, exhaust fumes and bugs getting inside.

heating and air

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