Air ducts could use a scrub

Air ducts could use a scrub

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I never absolutely thought about just how much more efficient our A/C program would be with the ducts thoroughly clean. I just figured that it was the mechanical parts that needed to be in good working order. I mean, I was also aware that the air filter needed to be switched out, however that was all I thought was needed for the ducts to remain clean. I did not absolutely guess about the fact that our Heating plus A/C program was directly related to how bad our air quality was starting to get. I was faithful to change out our air filter so I wasn’t sure what the problem was, until finally I had our next Heating plus A/C appointment. Once the Heating plus A/C lady started rooting around our air ducts, she instantly recommended that I get a cleaning done. She genuinely showed me how dirty it had gotten up there, plus I was genuinely surprised that I was breathing in that air. I took him up on the offer plus she thoroughly cleaned out the ducts for me. She also recommended that I invest in an air purification program as well. Even before I got the air cleaner, after she was finished cleaning the ducts, I instantly noticed quite the difference in the air quality in our home. The air felt so much more fresh plus breathable instead of irritating plus stale. Now I make sure that I schedule a thorough duct cleaning at least once a year for our Heating plus A/C system. I even bought that air purification program that she mentioned, plus the atmosphere in our lake condo is so much more delightful!

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