Air cooling plan at the motor vehicles store

Nobody ever wants to go  to the DMV for any kind of business. It takes hours to accomplish anything, regardless of why you’re there. Also, everything is so costly.  I’ve gotten my registration renewed, turned in plates and updated my driver’s licenses, and it cost a small fortune. Plus were all these taxes and additional fees for no nice reason. My birthday falls in the middle of summer, so that is when my registration comes due. Normally, I dread going out into the heat to handle this responsibility. Since I live in the South,  the weather is super hot and humid in late June. However, this past year, I was dealing with an A/C malfunction when it was time to renew my registration. Because of the time of year, it was the peak of air conditioner repair season, and I had to wait two days to even schedule an HVAC appointment. That was the soonest I could get a technician to come out to my home to repair the air conditioner. It was during that time without air conditioning in my home that I made the trip to the DMV. I was downright looking forward to it! Despite all the hassle that is involved with going to the DMV, all government buildings have working air conditioning. It was actually a relief to step inside the DMV and feel that rush of cold air. For once in my life, standing in line at the DMV for several hours was fine with me.  I soaked up the air conditioning and was rather reluctant to head back home to my hot and sticky house.

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