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AC technology

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My mom was quite a story teller when she was younger.  She often told me the story of how I was born in the back of a van.  She says that she had me while she and my dad were delivering some stuff that he was selling.  I later found out that she had me in the back of a van, but my dad was nowhere around. I never knew who he was and she didn’t tell me who he was.  Mom was always moving and I had a feeling it had something to do with him. I’m thinking that maybe she was always looking for him. As for me, she did well with me.  I got into sales and I was doing pretty well. Some people thought that my last name was a mar on my personality, because mom had named me after my father. They couldn’t be further from the truth.  Mom had brought me up to be honest and to treat people well. I never put my last name on my name tag anymore. I am selling HVAC equipment. My salesmanship is remarkable and I only sell people quality products.  I don’t sell them something they don’t want or can’t afford, but I give them the best HVAC equipment they can afford. I do well selling heating and air conditioning units. I’ve only had a couple of problems, but that had more to do with people not liking what they bought and not with them not getting a good deal.  I would try to make it up to them for not getting what they expected, but I couldn’t give them A plus HVAC when they were on a D budget. I had a family to take care of.

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