AC at our amusement park

AC at our amusement park

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When I was a young kid I used to adore to go to amusement parks in the Summer as well as to go on the indoor rides, almost one hundred percent of them were the alarming horror type rides! No, I was not one of those horror gothic freak shows or anything appreciate that, but the reason I appreciated those rides is because it was so gosh dang hot outside, that the horror rides or high rides as they used to be called were totally air conditioned with the best possible air conditioning around! Going on those rides were a massive relief from the sunlight coming directly down on me as well as the intense heat of the Summer all together, one time, i remember going on one of those dark horror rides all by myself only to escape the heat and catch some of the air conditioning… When one of the hired people that were there to jump out as well as scare you did their thing around a dark corner one time, I told him that he was so lucky to have that job and enjoy the air conditioning! He laughed at our comment as well as yelled back to care about our time at the amusement park! I had a huge amount of fun back in those afternoons, as well as the air conditioning was just a small highlight of the elegant memories I have from the time of going to the amusement park as a kid. Life was so fun and so nice back in those days, i’ll tell you for sure. If I could go back in time as well as relive it all over again, I most surely would without any question!


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